Midwest Chevelle Regional Governing Council

31st Anniversary!

About Us

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The Midwest Chevelle Regional Governing Council (MCRGC) is not a single club but rather the Council is several Chevelle clubs in the Midwest. We encourage Chevelle owners seeking a club to contact one in their area and we encourage Chevelle clubs to consider becoming a member of the MCRGC.

The goal of the MCRGC is to promote the unification of Midwest area Chevelle clubs and standardization of its members in the area of show promotion, show classes, awards, and sponsors to the extent possible.  By pooling resources and fostering a common judging standard when applicable, the Council members can better promote their individual shows and attendees will have a better understanding of what to expect at any show.

The hosting honors are shared between the member clubs and, despite doomsayers, the MCR show still draws well over 100 of the Midwest's finest Chevelles every year at each event.

By combining resources, it will be possible to get consistent sponsorships and consistent pricing for awards, T-shirts, dash plaques, giveaway prizes, etc.